Care Instructions

We want you to be able to wear your Piece of Australia for as long as possible. That's why we've put together a few tips on how to best care for your jewellery in various situations. If you still have questions, please contact us at !

Your Piece of Australia in everyday life

Our jewellery is water resistant. 

However, if it is exposed to water too often, it will lose its original gold tone after a long time and become lighter. It is therefore advisable to take it off before showering or bathing. We also recommend that you avoid prolonged and intensive contact with water and aggressive chemicals (cleaning agents, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.), as these can dull the shine of your jewellery more quickly. Care should also be taken when spraying perfume directly onto the jewellery.

The best comes at the end!

If you get ready for the day in the morning and want to wear your Piece of Australia throughout the day, we recommend putting the jewellery on at the very end. This will prevent your jewellery from catching on your clothes and getting damaged.


Doing a good workout brings energy and joie de vivre and at the same time promotes a healthy mindset! So that you can continue to carry this feeling of happiness gained through sport in combination with our jewellery, we recommend that you take it off beforehand. Sweat and incorrect movements can damage your jewellery and cause it to wear out more quickly.


We all love a refreshing dip in the water, whether in the sea, lake or swimming pool! However, we recommend that you take off your favourite jewellery when swimming in salt and chlorinated water, as this could dissolve the gold coating on your jewellery more quickly.


If you do wear the jewellery during the above-mentioned activities, this is of course not the end of the world. Our jewellery is designed to withstand everyday wear without any problems.

However, regular care is good for your Piece of Australia. Wash your jewellery gently under tap water and let it air dry. If it is very dirty, you can also clean it gently with a mild soap and then rinse it with water and let it air dry.

Storage tips

To best protect your Walkabout jewellery, you can store it in the Walkabout green microfibre pouch that comes with every order. Not only does the bag look stylish, but it also protects your favourite jewellery from external influences such as moisture, heat or strong sunlight. Thanks to an additional separating strip in the bag, your jewellery can be stored in two compartments. This prevents them from scratching each other. In addition, the bag is the perfect travel companion and thus the number one storage place for your jewellery on your next trip to Australia ;-)